Feeling Blessed

I have done a lot of complaining and [tend to] forget about the positive.... I believe for every speed bump in life there’s a learning point or a reason for it.

Over these last four or five months, God put this man in my life and his name is Mike Higgins. Mike and his ministry, Tri-County Pregnancy Center, have helped me a lot in becoming a better person, a better father, and helping me keep my faith stronger....

Mike and the volunteers are a good bunch of people. We have been doing a men’s group over the past month and all I can say is, Wow! I look forward to Tuesday nights. Not only do we fellowship with each other and read Scriptures, we are watching a movie series that has helped and gives ideas on raising your kids. I wish I knew the information that I know now back when my kids were born.

This group of guys, that all knew each other from previous groups, took me in with no problem. The kind words they give me make me that much stronger. It all has helped me. I have been so thankful that God has put Mike and the group of guys in my life.

Mike has been such a big help with his words and wisdom and his faith. There hasn’t been many people that have been there for me and my wife as we battle for our kids, except for my side of the family and friends ... But this complete stranger that I have never met before opened his arms with kindness and everything else. He has helped me a lot, and it’s with small things: his words and his faith. I have only known Mike for about five months now, but it feels like he has been in my life for so much longer. So thank you, Mike.

I would recommend [to] anyone that is getting ready to be a father, or needs help or support in any type of way, Tri-County Pregnancy Center is the place to go.

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